Atlanta Streets Alive


Today, the dude and I headed out to Atlanta Street’s Alive, a semi-annual ciclovia organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.


From Wikipedia:

Ciclovía… is [a] term which translates from Spanish into English as “bike path” and now used worldwide to describe either a permanently designated bicycle route or a temporary event, the closing of the street to automobiles for use by others.

Atlanta streets alive

In this case, a two-mile stretch of N. Highland, a street known for its hipster/yuppie/urban (“yubster”?) culture , was temporary closed off to all motorized vehicles to allow for strictly human powered playtime.


And play, they did… Every few meters, there was something to do or to view. For example, a moon walk center for children!


Street performers…

SoPo bike co-op at Atlanta

And a place to mend your bike, courtesy of the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative.

Atlanta Streets Alive

The weather could not have been more ideal. Although it began to storm later in the evening, during the event itself (2pm-6pm), the balmy weather enticed thousands of pedestrians, skaters, and cyclists out of the wood-works.


From the event website, the organizers were shooting for 10,000 attendees, but they far surpassed this goal.

Family Friendly

The event was both family-friendly…

Handicapped dog

…and pet-friendly.


Children were able to feel safe as they rode on the smooth street, as opposed to the bumpy sidewalk…


…while adults experienced the thrill of riding without a helmet, as the threat of an automobile accident was not looming.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one on a bright pink bicycle!


Although, as far as I am aware, this event is held only twice a year; however, given the great turnout, I hope that it can become a monthly, or even weekly occurrence.  The small businesses certainly profited from the crowds; thus, I am sure that they, too, would both welcome and support this type of initiative.

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Auto Pilot

Shaded bike lane

I have finally settled into a hotel with my preferred commute–the one that takes me through a ritzy neighborhood, and is predominantly on bike lanes.  There is a slight incline on the way to work, but not enough to cause me to perspire.  Just enough for my circulatory system to kick into a higher gear.  The ride home, too, feels fantastic, as I feel super human going downhill on a visibly flat road.  All-in-all, when in comes to this hotel choice, I am a happy camper.

Auto pilot

Now that I have my route down, I sometimes find myself completely zoning out during the commute.  I still stop at lights and do my usual hand signals as I turn, even when nobody is around to watch me.  But, one moment I am on street X, and another moment I am  wondering, “when did I turn onto street Y.”  Street Y would be on the right path along the commute, but not remembering how I got there worries me.

This phenomenon of going on “auto-pilot” is common to car commuters, but given the more physically demanding nature of the bicycle commute, I would not expect the same thing to happen to cyclists.  With my most recent experience, I stand corrected.

Has this happened to you during your bike commute?  Do you go on auto-pilot?

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Chain Drop Aftermath


My mornings are typically rushed, and I time my morning routine and commute to get to the office at least 15 minutes before my first meeting.  I just gather my belongings, roll Clarice outside, unfold her into the rideable form, and get on with the commute. Continue reading

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The Lap of Luxury

Spring training came to Phoenix, AZ a few weeks ago, and it was almost impossible to find a hotel within biking distance of my client.  Apparently, people travel from far and wide to watch other people practice baseball.  You heard me correctly, practice; these are not even real games.


Continue reading

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New Shades!

First, I would like to apologize for being completely MIA for three weeks.  I can attribute this to both being burned out at work and some filial duties that completely monopolized my time.  I did however realize that something was missing from my life–my anonymous exhibitionist tendencies  (i.e. this blog); therefore, I’m back and promise to blog as frequently as I used to… starting now!

Persol Shades

I recently purchased these sunglasses a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, they look like they cost a whole $5, but no, the salesperson at Sunglass Hut assured me that they are handmade in Italy and take a whole week to assemble; hence, they’re super-duper designer.  Usually, I’m not a snob when it comes to fashion (just when it comes to bicycles), but when it comes to my eyes, which are bad enough as-is, I’d rather not compromise. Continue reading

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Unexpected Ally McBeal Moment

Last week, I was invited by my client to go out for dinner after work, so I decided to wear something a little more festive–i.e. not another boring suit.

Work attire

Continue reading

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Bike Shadow Vanity

Bike shadow vanity

I don’t know about you, but when I see my own pedaling bicycle shadow as I ride to work, I am completely captivated.  Just as I do in the mirror (I guess it is the wannabe ballerina in me), I find myself scrutinizing the size of my calves and thighs, and the overall attractiveness of my physique.  As I am doing this, I don’t hear a peep from Clarice; unlike me, she actually has a positive body image. Continue reading

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